Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Welcome to Day 1! Outfit is a little boring, but I took (very dirty) shelter dogs to be groomed, so it was not a day for cute things. I may or may not have gone shopping while I was waiting for them..

Outfit break down:

Top: Tea n Rose $10 TJ Maxx Clearance
Shorts: Levi's Jeans $20 at Levi's outlet (These were originally jeans, but they ripped, so I cut 'em into shorts)
Sandals: Kenneth Cole Reaction $20 TJ Maxx (I have had these for at least 7 years!)
Bag: Coach "vintage" $30 at Flea Market ("Vintage" because this is one of the new re-issues of the vintage bags. I love it so much, but the leather on these is not the same quality as the actual vintage ones!)

Total Cost of outfit (Icluding bag! Score!): $80

My top is a lot cuter in person. Just sayin'

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