Thursday, August 2, 2012

2 down, 29 to go!

Today I'm working a private event in the city, which means my outfit is a black cocktail dress and black heels. Buut it's not really an outfit I want to be trekking on the train and through the city in (See: boobage). At 5pm on a Thursday. So, I've layered said cocktail dress to make this outfit day appropriate!

Black dress: Walter Baker. $25 TJ Maxx
Black Pumps: Studio 9 (Nine West's high-end line) $30
Blue Tank: $7 clearance at TJ Maxx
Necklace: birthday gift from friend (lovelove-oyster shell with pearls on vintage chain)
Silver Sandals: Dolce Vita. $20 on-sale at Amazon
Total: $82. Including 2 pairs of shoes!

Notes: Walter Baker's clothing is amazing. You can't really see the details on this dress, but it fits perfectly. I find it frequently at TJ Maxx priced WAY below retail.
Also, for shoes is amazing. They are Zappos' outlet store; The only thing is that they don't offer free returns like Zappos (because the shoe are so freakin' cheap). Their sales change daily and they often have 80% off an entire brand with a great selection.

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