Thursday, August 30, 2012

So, here are my outfits for the past 2 days. Pretty similar, but that's ok


Dress: $13.50 Buffalo Exchange
Vest: $10 Walter by Walter Baker @ Loehmann's (one of my favorite brands!)
Sandals: $20 Dolce Vita @ Amazon
Total: $43.50.


Dress: $15 Free People Slip from Saks Off 5th
Slip: Free People (from a Caftan Dress a few seasons ago-didn't like the dress, but held on to the slip)
Vest: $10 Walter by Walter Baker @ Loehmann's (one of my favorite brands!)
Sandals: $20 Dolce Vita @ Amazon
Necklace: Birthday Gift from friend
Total: $45.00

The outfits look really, really similar here. I didn't have the vest on today at first, but the FP Slip looked a little naked and I don't like spaghetti straps with nothing over it (hello bra straps). The bag I wore with both outfits is a Rebecca Minkoff MAC in Teal. It doesn't make the price cut. But it's possible the best leather on any bag I own. And I did purchase it at a discount...

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Here is today's outfit. 8/28:

Jumper: $10 at TJ Maxx. Love jumpers with pockets.
Belt: Free with a different dress
Bag: $55 Rebecca Minkoff MAC at Buffalo Exchange NYC
Sandals: $20 Steve Madden @ TJ Maxx.
Total: $30.00
Total with bag: $85.00

I apologize if anyone is actualy keeping up with this. I have pictures of the missed outfits, I just haven't compiled them all as I kept getting called to work last minute last week!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Shirt: $3.00 @ thrift store in New Orleans
Jeans: $7.50 Paige @ Goodwill NYC
Necklace: Gift
Shoes: $5.00 Nine West @ Goodwill in Nashville
Total: $15.50

8/22/12: bum #564 (Notice Molly saying "hi" on the side)

Shirt: C&C sweatshirt. $2 @ Flea Market (if only you could feel how freakin' soft this shirt is..)
Tank: Forever 21. $1 @ Flea Market
Shorts: Chip and Pepper. $17 @ Buffalo Exchange
Sandals: Dolce Vita. $20 @ Amazon
Bag: Louis Vuttion Saumur 30. $50 @ Vintage store in Manhattan
Total: $90. Not bad for an outfit including an authentic Louis Vuttion!

I visited my parents in Vermont the past few days. We stay in a cabin on a lake, which is beautiful, but the mirrors are awful, so I took these photos of my outfits when I came home:
Shirt: $8.50 Hale Bob clearance @ TJ Maxx
Jeans: $7.50 Paige @ Goodwill NYC
Bracelet: Vintage costume jewelery that I've literally had in my room since I was 5 years old
Flats: $5 Nine West @ Goodwill in the south
Total: $21.00

Lake outfit: Free People slip $22 @ Buffalo Exchange Seattle

Thursday, August 16, 2012

I'm off to Vermont for the next few days. Won't be posting from there, but will have updataes when I come home! Here are the last 2 days:

Shirt: $2 Forever 21 @ thrift store in New Orleans
Belt: $1 pyramid stud belt @ thrift store in Nashville
Shorts: $17 Chip and Pepper at Buffalo Exchange
Flats: $10 on sale @ Gap
Total: $30.00
Jumper: $20 H&M
Shirt: $5 Steven Alan from flea market
Sandals: $30 Gap
Belt: free with random dress
Total: $55.00

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Some new outfits!

White t-shirt: $2 Vintage @ thrift store in Chicago
Jean Shorts: $17 Chip and Pepper @ Buffalo Exchange
Belt: $10 onsale @ Urban Outfitters
Sandals: $7 Clearance at

Total: $36.00!

Dress: $55 Free People via eBay (New!)
Sandals: $20 Dolce Vita from Amazon
Total: $75.00
This dress is so much better in person.

Casual dress: $10 @ TJ Maxx
Sandals: $30 from Gap
Bracelet: Gift. Michal Negrin. Love. her. stuff
Total: $40.00
Dress: $1.00 at TJ Maxx (Really not sure how this happened-they have a huge clearance sale every week)
Bangle: $20 at Free People with discount
Sandals: $19 BCBG from BCBG outlet
Total: $40.00

Shirt: $2 from Flea Market (originally Forever 21)
Jean Shorts: $17 Chip and Pepper from Buffalo Exchange
Sandals: $30 from Gap
Necklace: $18 on-sale from Banana Republic
Total: $67.00

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Today I went to the outlets (and bought nothing! Whew) and saw a screening of The Campaign (w/ Will Ferrell and Zach Galifainaikis), which comes out on Friday. Very good! Has some smart humor, but also typical Will Ferrell funny. Yay free movie tickets from work! Here's the outfit!

Black Silk Jumper: $40 from Century 21 (marked down from $245!). Pictures aren't doing it justice!
"Amethyst" Necklace: $5 from Flea Market
Shoes: $20 Dolce Vita Sandals from Amazon (Is anyone else feeling like I need to go sandal shopping?)
Bag: $55 Rebecca Minkoff Patent Red MAC at Buffalo Exchange

Outfit cost: $65.00 (bag brings it to $120.00)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Another casual outfit for running errands:

Dress: 60 Euros. Purchased at small boutique in Italy (about $75-80)
Shoes: $20 Dolce Vita Sandals from Amazon
Total: $100

I LOVE this dress. I know most people wouldn't consider $80 on a dress a splurge, but I do. I was in Italy with Lauren after we graduated college and we found our way into this cute little boutique. I was obsessed with the comfortable/casual material in all of the pieces. I noticed every piece had the same unique looking tag and the shop owner, who was in the back, was sewing. She told us everything was hand made and hand painted. I immediately knew I had to get something because I love supporting local. I instantly fell in love with the unique shape of this dress. I love the high collar/brooch, the pleats, the SOFTEST jersey material, and the design that can be interpreted many different ways. I tried it on, but I wasn't 100%. The shop owner did some alterations right then and there and my dress was perfectly fitted for me! It hangs loose, but the shape is perfect.
Unfortunately, I don't wear this dress nearly enough. I am so worried about the paint and the delicate elements of it, but everytime I wear it, it gets compliments from total strangers. And I know I will never, ever see someone else in it!

Monday, August 6, 2012

We've got outfits from the last 3 days!

Saturday 8/4:
Went out for Lauren's (best friend/college roomate 4 years) boyfriends birthday. Another exciting thing was that my 4 best friends from growing up came, and one of them lives in LA, so she was just here for the weekend. Love when my friend groups come together!
Nude Bandeau: $5 BDG. Clearance at Urban Outfitters
Shirt: $7 Velvet. Clearance at TJ Maxx
Bracelets: Same as 8/3 ($12 Loehmann's and hand me-down)
Necklace: Same as 8/2. Gift
Bandage Skirt: $19 BCBG from BCBG outlet. Scoreee
Wedge shoes: $30 Mossimo from Target
Total: $66.00

 Some action shots of the outfit:
Left: From Saturday with my girls (the ones I blogged about from Christmas. The 5 of us have been friends since before pre-k. Pretty rare and special).
Right: Slightly modified version of the outfit I wore about 2 months ago. I really do love this skirt/shirt combo!

Sunday 8/5:
I worked an event last minute, so I was required to wear jean shorts, sneakers, and a branded top. I always go to an event in a tank top, so I can throw my own shirt over it incase I stop anywhere on the way before or after:
Shirt: $5 Steven Alan from local flea market (really not sure how this happened-but they had a ton all brand new).
Tank underneath: $10 Theory tubular tank top (LOVE THESE) from Filene's Basement before going out of business.
Jean Shorts: $17 Chip and Pepper from Buffalo Exchange
Shoes: $27 Converse from Urban Outfitters (purchased when I had my friend's employee discount card on Appreciation Weekend for 40% off. Ah, those were the days..)
Total: $59.00

Let's be honest though, this is really what I wore pretty much the whole day (same outfit minus shirt):

Monday 8/6:
Puppy play date! Didn't feel the need to accessorize too much to have pups jump and slober all over me.
Jumper: $17.00 at Forever21
Flip Flops: Tory Burch. Birthday present from friend (retail around $40)
Total Cost: $17.00

And I leave you with some pictures of the doggy date:

These two are mine! Molly (back) and Riley (front)

My dogs relaxing with my friend Jackie's pups.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Day 3 is -shocker- another lazy one. Lunch with a friend and then going to have a girls night with another friend. I feel lucky that I'm able to have plenty of lazy days in the summer, though!

Dress: $7 clearance at TJ Maxx. This is really the perfect effortless dress
Necklace: $20 handmade from Etsy (bought at craft fair). Lovelove
Bracelets: Gold bamboo bangle-hand me down from grandpa's wife. Another love.
                 Beaded Bracelet: $12 Loehmann's
Sandals: $20 Kenneth Cole Reaction at TJ Maxx.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

2 down, 29 to go!

Today I'm working a private event in the city, which means my outfit is a black cocktail dress and black heels. Buut it's not really an outfit I want to be trekking on the train and through the city in (See: boobage). At 5pm on a Thursday. So, I've layered said cocktail dress to make this outfit day appropriate!

Black dress: Walter Baker. $25 TJ Maxx
Black Pumps: Studio 9 (Nine West's high-end line) $30
Blue Tank: $7 clearance at TJ Maxx
Necklace: birthday gift from friend (lovelove-oyster shell with pearls on vintage chain)
Silver Sandals: Dolce Vita. $20 on-sale at Amazon
Total: $82. Including 2 pairs of shoes!

Notes: Walter Baker's clothing is amazing. You can't really see the details on this dress, but it fits perfectly. I find it frequently at TJ Maxx priced WAY below retail.
Also, for shoes is amazing. They are Zappos' outlet store; The only thing is that they don't offer free returns like Zappos (because the shoe are so freakin' cheap). Their sales change daily and they often have 80% off an entire brand with a great selection.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Welcome to Day 1! Outfit is a little boring, but I took (very dirty) shelter dogs to be groomed, so it was not a day for cute things. I may or may not have gone shopping while I was waiting for them..

Outfit break down:

Top: Tea n Rose $10 TJ Maxx Clearance
Shorts: Levi's Jeans $20 at Levi's outlet (These were originally jeans, but they ripped, so I cut 'em into shorts)
Sandals: Kenneth Cole Reaction $20 TJ Maxx (I have had these for at least 7 years!)
Bag: Coach "vintage" $30 at Flea Market ("Vintage" because this is one of the new re-issues of the vintage bags. I love it so much, but the leather on these is not the same quality as the actual vintage ones!)

Total Cost of outfit (Icluding bag! Score!): $80

My top is a lot cuter in person. Just sayin'