Monday, December 26, 2011

NY for the holidays!

So glad I got to go home to NY for the holidays. I surprised my mommy, saw some friends, spent some time in Brooklyn and Manhattan, and cuddled with my pups. The perfect refresher!

Some photos I snapped while home:

My best friends for almost 20 years! We could go forever without seeing each other and it feels like we were never apart. Park Slope, Brooklyn.

This girl was tied up outside of the shelter I volunteer for so I took her to be cleaned up; "Before" and "After" shots!

Cupcake making class at Butter Lane. New York, NY:

An authentic LV at a consignment shop in Manhattan -$50. Not the biggest bargain ever-but pretty damn good for Manhattan.

And how could I finish a "Home for the Holidays" post without pictures of the unhappiest Christmas dogs you ever did see?!

And we're back to Louisiana...

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