Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Back to Baton Rouge!

It looks like I'll be spending the next (almost) month in Louisiana!

I spent the past week in New Orleans:

I checked out Kenner, Metairie, and Mid-City to better acquaint myself with new-to-me areas of the city.

I spent my Saturday at The Freret Market, which I fell in love with.

I've checked out some local/craft markets since I've been on tour, and this one reminded me a lot of the Brooklyn Flea on a smaller scale. Freret has truly talented artists offering unique items from gorgeous handmade jewelery, to natural bath/body products, to home decor.
They have live music, and THREE dog rescues with adoptable pups! The atmosphere was amazing and I think it's a MUST do if you're in New Orleans while it's open.

Saturday night took me to Coop's Place in the French Quarter, which my parents have been raving about since they came back. I'm embarassed to say that this was my third time in New Orleans and I have barely indulged in Cajun/Creole. Small, yes. Amazing food, yes.

Sunday was the Saints game. The wind was a little rough, but my event was great! An infamous reality star stopped by our set-up. Is anyone a reality addict, like me, and remember this clip from various "Best Reality Moments" specials?

One of my local staff recognized her, which is great because I wouldn't have. Her daughter is a cheerleader for the Saints, so I assume she goes to most of/all of the home games.
You'll have to excuse my unfortunate appearance.

So, that's my wrap up of (this trip to) New Orleans. Let me know if I've missed anything-I will be back shortly!

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