Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"I can't resist the day"

One of my favorite things about New Orleans is that every time I'm here, I discover new things. This time around I'm staying in the suburbs on the east side. I'll go out on a limb and say most tourists don't stay here and don't make it a point to visit. It's really interesting, but sad, because so much of the area hasn't been touched since Katrina. That's 6.5 years. I'm staying right near the abandoned Six Flags, which was one of the places that stuck with me in 2007. I drove up close to it yesterday and then researched it, because I'm sure I'm the first genius who thought it must be a waste of money to let that much equipment go untouched.

It's actually quite an interesting story. I won't start rambling on here (Am I too late?), but definitely check out this site for amazing photos:
Cool Zone - abandoned Six Flags - New Orleans (not my photo->linked)
And Wiki for the full story

Also in New Orleans East is this little gem of a thrift store:
 (looks high-end, eh?)

The women who work here are SO amazingly nice. That alone makes me want to buy everything, but I spotted shoes by: Stuart Weitzman, Cole Haan, and Coach for under $7. I normally wouldn't want to share my secrets with the internet, but I won't be able to visit this spot regularly, plus all the employees I've met are so friendly that their hospitality should be rewarded. Meet my $2 vintage Coach purse (which will get a bath when I go home) and $3 vintage leopard print shirt:

Not bad!

I haven't gone out much since I've been back in New Orleans, but I'll leave you with a shot from the rooftop at Tsunami in Baton Rouge. Another spot I would definitely recommend checking out..

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