Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Beautiful Rainy Day

I love finding beauty in days that are anything but beautiful. Today was one of those days regardless of the lousy weather.

I headed to Hakook Taqueria, which was featured on Best Thing I Ever Ate a la Alton Brown and is one of my favorite food spots in the country (not my first visit). We'll call it Korean Fusion Mexican. Their homemade sauces are to die for. Their tacos and burritos are exquisite. Yum

This is the buffalo chicken taco which was a "special item", however, all of their tacos are perfect!

Next stop, TJ Maxx. I got a Theory skirt. For $7. And a Velvet shirt. For $7. And an Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream Anniversary Set. For $7. Total: $23.xx after tax.
Retail $190, $86, and $78 (respectively). Saved over $330.00! Score!

(in white. Photo from http://www.shoplastyle.com/)

And the day was a success!

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