Saturday, November 10, 2012

Cross country driving

I know I was MIA for a little, but here's the route of the tour I'm almost finished with:
I've had events in 11 cities and driven across the country twice in two months!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

End of Summer fun

So, I guess summer has officially come to an end. I'm at the beginning of another tour, but summer was really amazing. The last month or so included:
-seen Jason Mraz/Christina Perri in concert. Even bigger girl crush than before
-seen Florence and the Machine in concert. Finally.
-Labor day weekend on a boat. So much fun.
-Worked with a friend for a few days on the Rock the Vote Tour. Coney Island festivities, worked a few events in NJ and PA, Philly Cheesesteaks, a night in the casinom, and Asher Roth, Jack Johnson and a few other up and coming artists in concert. Whew.

-Headed to San Diego to spend a week with one of my good friends Claudia, who I studied abroad with. Beach, indoor rock climbing, lots of food, tacos and desserts, and SD Restaurant Week.

Monday, September 3, 2012

My last outfit and conclusions from my little documentation of outfits

Dress: $13.00 at Forever 21
Chambray Shirt/Vest: $25.00 H&M
Necklace: Gift
Sandals: $30.00 at Gap
Total: $68.00
(bag is Rebecca Minkoff MAC in Teal)

Total conclusions:
-I have too much clothing, yet I wear the same thing over and over. This experiment resulted in some bags of donated clothing which makes me happy.
-I need more sandals.
-I am the worst accessorizer. Ever.
-I need to spend more time on my outfits.
-I never wear 9/10 of my shoes. Need to work on that.

This was a fun experiment. Do it!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

So, here are my outfits for the past 2 days. Pretty similar, but that's ok


Dress: $13.50 Buffalo Exchange
Vest: $10 Walter by Walter Baker @ Loehmann's (one of my favorite brands!)
Sandals: $20 Dolce Vita @ Amazon
Total: $43.50.


Dress: $15 Free People Slip from Saks Off 5th
Slip: Free People (from a Caftan Dress a few seasons ago-didn't like the dress, but held on to the slip)
Vest: $10 Walter by Walter Baker @ Loehmann's (one of my favorite brands!)
Sandals: $20 Dolce Vita @ Amazon
Necklace: Birthday Gift from friend
Total: $45.00

The outfits look really, really similar here. I didn't have the vest on today at first, but the FP Slip looked a little naked and I don't like spaghetti straps with nothing over it (hello bra straps). The bag I wore with both outfits is a Rebecca Minkoff MAC in Teal. It doesn't make the price cut. But it's possible the best leather on any bag I own. And I did purchase it at a discount...

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Here is today's outfit. 8/28:

Jumper: $10 at TJ Maxx. Love jumpers with pockets.
Belt: Free with a different dress
Bag: $55 Rebecca Minkoff MAC at Buffalo Exchange NYC
Sandals: $20 Steve Madden @ TJ Maxx.
Total: $30.00
Total with bag: $85.00

I apologize if anyone is actualy keeping up with this. I have pictures of the missed outfits, I just haven't compiled them all as I kept getting called to work last minute last week!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Shirt: $3.00 @ thrift store in New Orleans
Jeans: $7.50 Paige @ Goodwill NYC
Necklace: Gift
Shoes: $5.00 Nine West @ Goodwill in Nashville
Total: $15.50

8/22/12: bum #564 (Notice Molly saying "hi" on the side)

Shirt: C&C sweatshirt. $2 @ Flea Market (if only you could feel how freakin' soft this shirt is..)
Tank: Forever 21. $1 @ Flea Market
Shorts: Chip and Pepper. $17 @ Buffalo Exchange
Sandals: Dolce Vita. $20 @ Amazon
Bag: Louis Vuttion Saumur 30. $50 @ Vintage store in Manhattan
Total: $90. Not bad for an outfit including an authentic Louis Vuttion!

I visited my parents in Vermont the past few days. We stay in a cabin on a lake, which is beautiful, but the mirrors are awful, so I took these photos of my outfits when I came home:
Shirt: $8.50 Hale Bob clearance @ TJ Maxx
Jeans: $7.50 Paige @ Goodwill NYC
Bracelet: Vintage costume jewelery that I've literally had in my room since I was 5 years old
Flats: $5 Nine West @ Goodwill in the south
Total: $21.00

Lake outfit: Free People slip $22 @ Buffalo Exchange Seattle

Thursday, August 16, 2012

I'm off to Vermont for the next few days. Won't be posting from there, but will have updataes when I come home! Here are the last 2 days:

Shirt: $2 Forever 21 @ thrift store in New Orleans
Belt: $1 pyramid stud belt @ thrift store in Nashville
Shorts: $17 Chip and Pepper at Buffalo Exchange
Flats: $10 on sale @ Gap
Total: $30.00
Jumper: $20 H&M
Shirt: $5 Steven Alan from flea market
Sandals: $30 Gap
Belt: free with random dress
Total: $55.00